Health Insurance

If you purchase insurance directly from the
health insurance company, online or through me,

Use my consulting for FREE and save money!

I have a creative approach that saves you money. Look at some real scenarios below:

Example #1:

Family of 5, Huntington Beach. Currently paying $1650/month on COBRA. I got them good health insurance coverage with a low deductible and full prescription drug plan for around $450/month. That saves them $1,200/month or $14,400/year!!

Example #2:

Small business owner with 13 employees. By changing the HMO plan to an HSA plan, I lowered each employee’s cost AND worst case scenario exposure! I saved the company over 30% which was over $30,000 per year.

Example #3:

Small business owner (Sole proprietor) with no employees. I qualified him for guaranteed issue group coverage. Instead of using an HMO plan, I showed him how to save over 40% by implementing an HSA plan instead.

Example #4:

Divorced female with 2 kids. By putting her and her kids on a different plan than she was on, I saved her over 40% in premiums and increased the coverage she had.

Depending on your situation, you may be paying too much for your health insurance. It doesn’t cost you anything to have me review your current policy and determine if there isn’t a better option for you. Don’t pay more than you should. Call today!