About Me

I am an independent insurance agent who helps clients make smart decisions about different types of insurance products including health insurance, life insurance, annuities, long-term care, disability and Medicare coverage. My expertise is in the following areas:

Health Insurance:
• Save clients about 30% in premium without compromising coverage
• Individuals, families and small businesses
• If you go directly to carrier or use me, you pay the same amount in premium, so why not get some no cost consulting along the way?

Life Insurance:
• Protect loved ones
• Protect business owners in the event of a partner’s sudden death
• Know which carriers are better suited for particular needs
• Term insurance
• Cash value life insurance
• Strategies on how to get the most out of your premium dollar
• A properly designed universal life insurance policy is something you can count on in retirement

• Ensure future plans will not be ruined by political events or corporate greed…
• Some annuities offer a guaranteed 8% return and will never let you outlive your money
• Access 10% of account value each year
• Tax deferred growth
• Guaranteed returns
• Annuities are a very strong option for retirement planning

Long-Term Care, Disability Insurance:
• Knowing how plans work is very important.
• Alternative plan designs can provide long-term care, disability AND death benefit coverage
• Don’t waste premium dollars on a policy that will never pay out

• A lot of recent changes
• Have me guide you through the process
• Make sure you or your parents are properly covered

Child Legacy Plan:
• Child Legacy Plan (CLP) – effective alternative to a traditional college savings plan (ie: 529 Plan).
• Account values not subject to market volatility
• Grow tax deferred
• Not limited to education expenses
• Properly designed CLP will serve as a valuable financial resource for your children or grandchildren